LINSN LED Receiving Card

Receiver card is designed to receive and transmit the main signal from sending card to LED panel modules. Linsn receiving card is typically divided into 2 types---one is 50pin without HUB card and the other is integrated with 75/75B 16pin HUB card. Because different LED display factories might create their own HUB boards to connect with the receiving cards in order to perfectly fit the LED modules themselves. For basic LED display panel: RV801 series: LXY801, RV801, RV801D, RV801-1, RV801F, RV801. RV901 series: RV901, RV901H, RV901T (without LCD, smoke and humility detecting interfaces). RV908 series: RV908, RV908H, RV908M, RV908T (without LCD, smoke and humility detecting interfaces). For slim LED display cabinet or LED curtain panel: RV802/RV802D, RV902/RV902H,952H,905K,925K,RV905H,907H,927H,937H, etc