DBStar LED Card

Dbstar is one of the earliest and popular LED control system supplier in the industry. The focus of their company has been on research, manufacture and sales of LED display control cards and video processors. Today Double Star/DBSTAR has the widest range of products in both synchronous and asynchronous controller systems. The specific product models are sending card (DBS-HVT2007A, DBS-HVT09, DBS-HVT11/IN), DBS-HVT11OUT sender box, receiving card (DBS-HRV11S,DBS-HRV11E,DBS-HRV12A75,DBS-HRV09MN,DBS-HRV09MNFR, DBS-HRV11MN), asynchronous controller (DBS-HRV09MN, DBS-ASY13C, DBS-ASY09NC, DBS-ASY09C), DBS-CFC09MFB function card, video processor (DBS-HVT09VP, DBS-HVT13VP), fiber convertor (DBS-CFC09SF,DBS-CFC09MF), 3D controller system DBS-HVT093D, etc.