LINSN LED Sending Card

Full color and single/dual color sending cards are specifically created to transmit the main data from computer and video processor to LED display screen, including RCG configuration file setup, display connection, programming, etc. LINSN LED sending card includes TS801/TS801/SD801D (out of production), TS802/TS802D/SD802D and TS901/SD901 series. These sender cards need to install into computer or video processor. For portable purposes, a sending box is also available, which is called TS851/TS851D and TS852/TS852D or empty sending box-SB-8. The renowned Linsn control software-LED Studio is quite user friendly and multi-functional. You can easily edit and manage the programs to be displayed on your LED screen for whatever ways you want. Its LED Studio software versions are V9.6, 12.09, 12.46, etc.