Lumen C-Power LED Display Sign Control Card Models

Lumen C-Power LED display sign control card/board models (equipped with TCP/IP Ethernet port, USB port, RS232 or RS485 COM port, WiFi module, WiFi Antenna, or GPRS dual or quad band band module ) includes C-Power1200, C-Power2200, C-Power3200, C-Power4200, C-Power5200, C-Power6200, C-Power7200, C-Power8200,C-Power10B, C-Power50A, C-Power51A, C-Power52A2, C-Power52A4,DSO6ATC-KB Hub board, C-Power30A, C-Power31A, C-Power31A-U, C-Power32A2, C-Power32A4, CP3S-KB hub board, C-Power30B, C-Power31B, C-Power31B-U, C-Power32B2, C-Power32B4, CP3S-KB hub board, C-Power20A, C-Power20A-E, C-Power21A, C-Power21A-U, C-Power22A2, C-Power22A4, CP3S-KB hub card, C-Power20B, C-Power20B-E, C-Power21B, C-Power21B-U, C-Power22B2, C-Power22B4, CP3S-KB hub card, DS06AC001-R IR remote controller, DS06AC001-B photosensitive sensor, DS06AC001-T temperature sensor, DS06AC001-H humidity sensor, DS06AC001-D trigger board, 485 Converter, ANV-GPS outdoor antenna, DS06AC01-KEYBOARD-LED, DS06AC01-KEYBOARD-LCD, WIFI Antenna, COM Port, etc.

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