ColorLight LED Card

Apart from LINSN, NOVA, Dbstar, ZDEC, ColorLight (C&Iight ) is also one of the most popular LED display control card providers from China. Their main product lines cover sending card (T7, iT7), iQ7E UHD sender, iQ7 HD sender, receiving card (A5, A5 dual-mode, A5-75, A5-F, A5 PRO, A8 dual-mode,T9, i5A, i5A-F, i5A-905, i5A-907) and other accessories--- C1L/C1S /T8 LED display player, LED HUB card, M9(iM9) multi-function card, fiber converters, control software---LEDVISION in versions of 2.05/3.15/3.5 and LEDShowT9_11.32, etc.