LED Hub Card

LED HUB card is designed to allocate the signal of receiving card to LED screen modules. It supports the vast majority of LED display boards by adopting standard interface. Every LED screen factory has their own HUB cards but they can all work with popular receiver cards such as Linsn RV801/901, Novastar MRV300/320, Dbstar DBS-HRV09S /DBS-HRV11A/DBS-HRV11E, Zdec V8 (S81S1001)/ V82RV01 (S82S1011), ColorLight-A8/ 5A/A5-F, Mooncell-VSCG3-V22,  XiXun, OnBon, Huidu, Lumen, Sheen Color, etc. Those standard LED module HUB cards are HUB40/40A/40B/41/75/75B/08/08A/12/94A, etc.