Linsn has been one of the most successful control card providers for LED display solution. Linsn LED control system includes: full-color synchronization, full-color light decoration, full-color asynchronization, double-color synchronization, double-color asynchronization, etc. Their popular products that are widely sold on the world market are Linsn sending card (TS901, SD901, TS801, SD801D, TS802, TS802D, TS901),Linsn receiving card (LXY801, RV801, RV801D, RV801F, RV802, RV802D, RV901, RV901H, RV901T, RV908, RV908H, RV908T),Linsn sender box (TS951, TS851, TS851D, TS852, TS852D, SB-8 empty box), EX901/EX901D/EX902/EX902D multi-function cards, CN701 network repeater, EB701 sender hub, MC801/SC801 optical fiber converters, etc.