VDWall LED Video Processor

VDWALL is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing video processing equipments for LED display application. It has been one of the most successful video processor providers for LED display solution in the industry. Vdwall video processors allow you to easily switch between multiple inputs such as Component Video, DVI, HDMI, VGA, and HD-SDI. They can create many effects such as PIP, POP, seamless switching or fade-in / fade-out. Their product lines are LedSync820/ LedSync820H, LVP603/LVP603S, LVP605 /LVP605S, LVP515, LVP608, LedSync850M, LVP6081 4K2K, LVP6082 4K2K, LVP8601, LVP86XX , LVP98XX, LVP40X , LVP606ALVS5066, sending card box SC-4, sending card box SC-10, etc.