NovaStar LED Accessories

NovaStar (NOVA) is currently one of the leading LED display control system providers with complete solution out of China. Their product lines not only simply cover sending card, sender card, sending box, sender box, receiving card, receiver card,LED display controller but also other accessories such as multi-function card MFN300, monitoring card MON300, thermal Detector MTH310, light sensor NS048C, deconcentrator (distributor HUB box ) DIS-300, optical fiber converter CVT310, optical fiber converter CVT320; calibration software-NovaCLB-Screen 2012 Setup V3.3, remote monitoring system; remote publish System; N200 Software-3, N200 Software-4, NovaLCT-Mars V4.2.4, NovaStudio Plus V3.1 for synchronous control system; PlutoSystem(PSD100)V4.4.1, PlutoManager V4.4.0, NovaLCT-Pluto V4.4.0 for asynchronous control system; NovaShow V1.4 for singl    e and double controller, etc.