ZDEC ZQ-V8-RV01 LED Receiving Card In Stock For Sale

ZDEC ZQ-V8-RV01 / S81S1001 / VD1410 receiving card has been out of production for a long time. We have 450 pieces (brand new) in our stock for sale. Please contact us if you are interested. You can also order this ZQ-V8-RV01 LED receiving card at our online store directly. 


ZQ-V8-RV01 Electrical Parameters:

Operating Voltage: 5+0.5V

Working current: 1500 mA

Working temperature: 0-60 degrees Celsius

Working humidity: 5%-95%

ZQ-V8-RV01 Performance Parameters:

Controlling Maximum Height 256 Pixels?? Maximum Width 512 Pixels

Supporting modules with a width of less than 128

Supporting 1-16 scan module

Supporting 100-level brightness adjustment and 256-level color temperature adjustment of red, green and blue?? Contrast adjustment, support** color temperature adjustment

Supporting online firmware upgrade, with power failure and upgrade function.

Supporting point-by-point brightness correction function, each receiving card supports 256*256 pixels maximum.