Rong Electric LED Display Power Supply Models

Rong Electric LED display switching power supply models include MA300SH5, MC300SH5, ME400B5, ME400H5, MC300B5, MB300AH5, MD200PC5, MA250SH5, MB300SH5, MD200H5, MD200B5, MDB125H5, MDC150H5, MB300B5, MDH200H5, MN300H5, MN400H5, MO200PC5, MP200B5, MA200PC5, MB300PC5, MC300PC5, MD200PC5, MDH200PC5, MDI200PC5, MG200PC5, MN300PC5, MNH400PC5, MO200PC5, MA200EPC5, MA200ESH5, MB300EPC5, MD200EH5, B050D5, MC300PC4.8H, MA200SH5, MC360H12, MC400H24, etc. 

Please contact us if you are looking to purchase any of these models or others.