Megmeet LED Switching Power Supply Models

Megmeet LED display switching power supply models include MUP150-5.0, MUP150-4.6, MUP150-4.2, MMP200-A, MMP200-B-4.2, MMP200-B-4.6, MMP200-E-4.6, MLP200-5, MLP200-4.6, MLP200-4.2, MDP200-4.2, MDP200-4.6, MDP200-4.6-A, MCP200-4.5, MCP200-4.6, MCP2004.5G, MCP200-4.2-B, MCP200-4.5-B, MCP200-4.6-B, MCP200-4.5G-B, MMP260, MMP260-4.6, MMP260-4.2G, MMP260-4.6G, MMP260-4.2U, MMP260-4.6U, MMP300, MMP300-4.6, MMP300-4.2, MSP300-4.2, MSP300-4.6, MSP300, MSP400, MSP400-4.6, etc. 

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